Cold Mountain Review cover

Spring 2015

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our Spring 2015 issue. This issue of CMR features compelling fiction from E.G. Silverman, Jubal Tiner, Freddy Fuentes, and David Morris Parson as well extraordinary poetry from Linda Taylor, Annie Woodford, Daniel A. Harris, Dennis Trudell, and other notable contributors. Yoann Jezequel's striking photograph, Seychelles, is featured on the cover.

As you know, CMR is unique in the landscape of literary journals in America. Within our journal we strive to foster conversations between the visual arts, poetry and prose. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thank you again for your readership!

Fiction Excerpts

 After Ramon Roberto Rodriguez’s son, Roberto Ramon Rodriguez, was found dead, with his head in the cows’ waterhole, Ramon Roberto Rodriguez moved to the Escambray Mountains and he, like his son had, adopted the lifestyle of a monk. He left his...
 Being caught by any of his suburban neighbors holding his naked, screaming girl child up to the full moon and chanting anything, let alone her name and some secret of his own, would not exactly lend Richard credibility at the next meeting of...

Poetry Excerpts

My Start As A Mystery Writer by Janice Hornburg
Planet of Chairs by Mary Catherine Harper
Five Words by Dennis Trudell
Riddled by Elizabeth Rees

Contributor Bios

Cathy Barber, Jeffrey Beck, Clayton Adam Clark, Noel Conneely, Freddy Fuentes, Ceridwen Hall, Mary Catherine Harper, Daniel A. Harris, Will Harris, Janice Hornburg, David James, William Jolliff. Victoria Korth, David Morris Parson. Mary Bass Poulin, Elizabeth Rees, E. G. Silverman, Jackie Smith, Christine Stewart-Nuñez. Linda Taylor, Jubal Tiner, Dennis Trudell, Howard Winn, Annie Woodford